New Job- Safety Coordinator

Smart Communication Systems, LLC, who is a industry leading utility construction company, currently working in the Tampa Bay Area is looking for a Professional Safety Coordinator to assist the team with educating crews on proper safety policies and practices. The best qualified candidate will be responsible for ensuring that all of the crews are adhering to internal and external safety requirements with the ultimate goal of achieving 100% compliance to company safety initiatives. Additionally, certifications such as CHST (Certified Health and Safety Technician) will be very advantageous in the evaluation and selection process considering candidates to fill the position. It is very important to Smart’s management team that this candidate possess the ability to effectively time manage and communicate both verbally and in writing to crews so that there is a clear understanding and comprehension of the Team’s safety requirements.

Safety Coordinator Primary Duties will include:
1.) Providing and Conducting Safety Training in the classroom and field for all Personnel on Crews
2.) Documenting and recording measurable results of safety training and field inspections
3.) Coordinating and conducting safety training with Customer and Smart’s management team
4.) Developing innovative ways to creatively educate crews in a positive way to ensure “buy in” for the team
5.) Developing Strategy and Plan to seek additional training certifications on a quarterly and yearly basis

Safety Coordinator Position Compensation Package:
1.) Salary Position (paid weekly) – $45,000.00 – $55,000.00 salary range depending on qualifications and experience
2.) Annual Bonus Package – 5% to 10% of annual salary depending on measurable year end results
3.) Paid Vacation – 1 week for 1st year of service, 2 weeks after 3 years of service
4.) Certification Training and Continued Safety Education – compensation for continued education to achieve additional safety education certifications

Please provide the following Smart Communication Manager listed below with your resume via email. All candidates that are deemed qualified candidates will be contacted via phone or email in order to set up an interview. It is our intent to fill the position within the next couple weeks. Thank you.

Daniel DiSalvo (Smart Communications Regional Manager) –